Update afternoon bus routes - Routes E and I combining


BHSD families,


There will be a bus route change for the afternoon of Wednesday, Oct. 20.


Buses E and I will make some combined afternoon runs using one bus to drop off students in two groups covering these stops. One group of students will wait at the school site with supervision for 10-15 minutes while a first group of students is dropped at their stops. The bus will then return to the school campuses, pick up the remaining students and complete the rest of the stops. 


Route E includes Upper Carpenterville Road, Duley Creek, Dawson Track, Arnold Lane, and Mill Beach. Families on this route should have received a phone call from their driver today with information about their new estimated drop off time. 


Route I includes Highway 101 South in Harbor, including the stops at Pedrioli Lane, Morrison Lane, Cedar Lane, Freeman Ln/Sandpiper, Wollam Rd, Del Cur Supply, McVay north end, Raymond Ln, Harbor Inn, Floral Hill and Hall Way. Drop off for students on Route I should be within a few minutes of their normal drop off times. 


No other routes are impacted by changes at this time.


These changes are due to a shortage of drivers today. We apologize for any inconvenience with the late notice. Please contact our Transportation Office with any questions. 


Allen Walz

Transportation Director



See stop information on our Bus Routes/Transportation webpage at https://www.brookings.k12.or.us/bus/