Notice to BHHS Athletics & Activities Spectators

Outdoor activities:

All spectators (5-years-old and older) are required to wear a mask when entering BHSD  facilities and events regardless of vaccination status. Once a spot has been chosen along the sidelines, if you are spaced 6-feet or more apart from other people you may remove your mask. You may also remove masks when standing or sitting with members of your own household and 6’ from those who are not part of your household. 

In the grandstands or bleachers, masks are required at all times regardless of spacing and vaccination status.

Inside activities: 

All spectators (5-years-olds and older) are required to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status at all times. 

When traveling to other schools, it is our responsibility to follow whatever guidelines they have in place for their facilities. We will do our best to communicate those guidelines prior to away trips if they are different from what we require. 

If you have questions about the requirements, we are happy to set up a meeting to discuss. Staff at the events are required to enforce the OSAA and OHA state mandates and are not authorized to make exceptions or to debate the issue. Please help to support our priority of creating opportunities for our students to participate by keeping the focus and energy on supporting student-athletes.


~Keith Wallin, BHSD Athletics & Activities