Time to find and return lost KSchool Library books

December 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Notices are being mailed this month for library books that were checked out during the 2019-2020 school year and have not been returned and were recently marked as “lost”. Please take the time over the holiday break to look for these lost items.  Once found, lost library items can be returned in person with your student to their classroom, to the front office, or in the book return can located in front of the K-School gym on school days. 

For library books that had a due date AFTER March 13th, 2020 replacement costs have been waived as there was no way for students to return their books on time during our school closure.

For library books that were due BEFORE March 13th, 2020 replacement costs have been assessed and have been added to student accounts. Once a "lost" book is returned to the K-School Library these fees will be removed from the student account. If a "lost" book has been paid for and is then returned to the library, a refund of the replacement cost will be made to the family. It is the family's responsibility to take care of these replacement costs if the book cannot be found. Please let me know if paying a replacement cost for library materials will create a hardship for your family. I do not want to add any additional stress for families at this time and will be happy to discuss other options with you.

K-School Library books can be identified by the property stamp on the inside of the front and back covers, on the title page, and for most books the outside edges of the pages that can be seen when a book is closed. K-School Library books also have a barcode that reads “Kalmiopsis Elementary” on the front cover and have spine labels attached to the spine that provide call numbers and reading program information. Please see the pictures below of what these look like to help you as you look for your student’s missing books. 

Students and staff really do appreciate any missing library books being returned so that others may borrow them. Thank you for your help in getting these missing books back to our K-School Library.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 541-469-7417 or by email at [email protected]


Take care and be well,

Mrs. King

Kalmiopsis Elementary Library


How to tell if a book is a K-School Library Book 

Barcode on front cover:                                            Spine labels on spine:


Property stamp on outside                              Property stamp inside covers:

edges of pages:                                             


Property stamp on title page: